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George Burchett

Ma Murals
Island East, Hong Kong, 16.3.10 – 29.4.10

Sydney-based artists George and Ilza Burchett took on the challenge of transforming four
rock slopes in Hong Kong’s Island East district into monumental paintings by reinventing the most
ancient form of art: rock art. They chose the universal and timeless theme of man and horse
to create a series of images that invite the viewers to revisit the entire history of art, from Prehistoric
cave painting, Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Han and Tang dynasties of China, through the
Italian Renaissance to modern masters like Picasso and Jackson Pollock, as well as old and new forms
of Indigenous art. They deliberately restricted their palette to three colours: red, black and white,
using natural pigments, mixing their own paints and working on specially designed traditional
bamboo scaffoldings. The Ma murals invite the public to reflect on man’s relationship to nature.

The artists would like to thank Swire Properties of Hong Kong for giving them the opportunity to
project their artistic vision onto the four rock slopes and for supporting this very challenging,
unusual and experimental project at every stage in the most gracious and efficient manner.
The artists would also like to thank the management and staff of EAST Hotel, Hong Kong
for their hospitality during the seven weeks it took to complete the project.

The murals were named Ma, Chinese for horse.

Ma murals by George & Ilza Burchett
Island East, Hong Kong, 16.3.10 – 29.4.10

“Baby” Ma Mural, 16m x 13 m (approximately)